Offre de poste PR – UMR CNRS 7369 MEDyC, Extracellular Matrix and Cell Dynamics, Reims

L’UMR CNRS 7369 MEDyC, « Extracellular Matrix and Cell Dynamics » recrute un poste d’Enseignant-Chercheur ayant le profil suivant (la fiche descriptive complète peut être téléchargée en cliquant ici):

N° de Poste : 64 PR 0017

Job profile

Speciality : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Key words: intracellular signaling, extracellular matrix proteolysis, membrane receptors assembly dynamics.

Major skills required:
Studies performed in the research laboratory (UMR CNRS 7369 MEDyC, Extracellular Matrix and Cell Dynamics) aim to decipher the mechanisms which govern tumor progression and more particularly matrix proteolysis. The analysis of cell behavior (adhesion, migration) as well as endocytosis through cell membrane receptors assembly dynamics and intracellular signaling will lead to identify relevant diagnostic and prognostic targets in order to elaborate novel and alternative therapeutic strategies.

Teaching duties:
Needs exist at bachelor level (structural biochemistry, metabolism, molecular biology) and in master (cell regulation, molecular biology). The recruited professor will participate to the development of courses and diploma at the european level.