MBI 2017 Meeting – Nov 30th – Dec 1st 2017 – Trinity College, Dublin

MBI 2017 Meeting

This year’s meeting takes place in Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin at the Trinity Biosciences Institute. We are looking forward to an excellent program with leading international experts working to share and discuss latest advances in the fields of matrix biology. The scope of the meeting is to promote and consolidate scientific interest and expertise around extracellular matrix research in all its forms within Ireland, and, to link this with the international scientific community on Matrix Biology. The main theme of this year’s meeting is ‘Learning from Development to Engineering Therapeutics’.

Track Themes

  • Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • ECM Signaling in Development
  • ECM Signalling in Fibrosis
  • Matrix Biology and the Tumour Microenvironment
  • Bioengineering Approaches using Matrix Proteins
  • ECM and its interactions with Immunotherapy
  • Advanced Emerging Imaging Technologies of ECM
  • Harnessing ECM as a Therapeutic


Abstract Submission Deadline: 10th October
Early Bird Registration: 13th October

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