The Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Congress – ECM2022 June 23-25, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In June this year the Danish research Foundation  hope to bring together a plethora of experts at a first ever congress: The Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Congress ECM2022 ( The congress is an in-person event in Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe).

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The aim of the congress is to discover news drugs and bring together #extracellularmatrix experts across disease fields. Alterations to the extracellular matrix are a common denominator in most chronic diseases. It is time to create a forum for experts to discuss, share and learn from other disease fields!

Session highlights will include:
·      The essential components of the ECM
·      The importance of ECM in cancer: Barrier for entry or exit?
·      Should we treat the ECM or cells in fibrotic diseases?
·      The importance of ECM in lung diseases
·      The importance of ECM in liver diseases
·      Cardiorenal axis and the ECM
·      Tissue destruction in inflammatory diseases
·      Pharmacological targets of the ECM
·      ECM signaling

With the congress, we hope to create a forum that will attract an audience interested in the extracellular matrix (ECM) and drugs that target the ECM. In most chronic diseases, the common denominator is alterations to the extracellular matrix. We believe breakthroughs and discovery milestones in this field may save patients’ lives. We offer a platform to debate essential aspects of ECM Pharmacology, and we have an amazing speaker faculty.


ESB 2022

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues
It is our pleasure to invite you to the 32nd Annual Conference of the European Society of Biomaterials which will take place from September 4 to 8, 2022 in Bordeaux, France. We are excited to host this meeting which is sure to be an extremely popular event.

One of the key missions of this conference is to promote interactions between basic researchers, applied scientists, clinicians, and industry in order to drive the development of innovative solutions for clinical applications. We keenly understand that the new solutions to repair or produce tissues or organs will come from the combination of fundamental knowledge, multidisciplinary development efforts, as well as advances in production /analytic / imaging / communication tools. Accordingly, your participation to this meeting is crucial to promote the translation of our scientific activity into clinical reality.

The conference will take place at Palais 2 L’Atlantique, located in northern Bordeaux and connected to the historic city center by a state-of-the-art tramway system. Boasting exceptional classical and modern architecture, and surrounded by the most famous vineyards in the world, Bordeaux is a perfect symbol of the French “Art of Living”.

Please come and join us at the ESB2022 meeting to share your ideas, discover our hospitality, the French cuisine and the Bordeaux wines!

On behalf of the national organizing committee :
Joëlle Amédée, Chair
Jean Christophe Fricain, Co-chair
Didier Letourneur, Co-chair

La SFBMEc propose une bourse de de 500 € pour qu’un.e jeune  dont le travail porte spécifiquement sur la matrice extracellulaire ou sur les interactions des cellules avec la matrice extracellulaire dans le contexte des biomatériaux et de la recherche translationnelle qui y est associée. Plus d’informations ICI

Joint Meeting of the French and German Societies for Matrix Biology

Du 26 Mai au 28 Mai 2021, l’inscription est gratuite, mais est obligatoire :

La date limite pour soumettre un résumé (en ligne exclusivement) est le 30 Avril 2021. Toutes les instructions sont sur le site :

Pour rappel, la SFBMEc récompensera l’excellence de travaux sur la matrice extracellulaire d’un/e jeune chercheur/se lors d’une session plénière Young Investigator Award de ce congrès. Date limite pour postuler : 20 Avril 2021

European Tissue Repair Society 2020

Le congrès annuel de l’European Tissue Repair Society se tiendra à Lyon du 17 au 19 Septembre 2020. Une pré-conférence pour les jeunes chercheurs se tiendra la veille du congrès.

De nombreuses bourses de voyage et prix seront attribués pour les jeunes chercheurs, dont un prix de la SFBMEc pour récompenser un travail en lien avec la Matrice Extracellulaire.

INSERM international Workshop on GlycosaminoGlycans , Bordeaux, 19-21th of June 2019

Dulce Papy Garcia (Gly-CRRET, UPEC, Créteil) and Romain Vives (IBS, Grenoble) are glad to invite you to participate to the next INSERM (French national institute for Health Sciences) international workshop on Glycosaminoglycans that will take place in Bordeaux, on the 19-21th of June 2019.

The goal of this workshop is to put an emphasis on the technological developments and breakthroughs that led to progress in the understanding of GAG structure and biological functions, as well as the perspectives of applications in diagnostics and therapy.

The workshop will include 4 main sessions focusing on :

  • GAG Biosynthesis and Metabolism

Confirmed speakers : L. Kjellen (Uppsala Univ., Uppsala, Sweden) – L. Pedersen (South Carolina Univ., Chapel Hill, USA) – A. Malmström (Lund Univ., Lund, Sweden) – R. Vivès (IBS, Grenoble, France) – S. Fournel Gigleux (Nancy Univ., Nancy, France)

  • GAG-protein interactions and physiophatological conditions

Confirmed speakers : H. Lortat-jacob (IBS, Grenoble, France) – A. Vortkamp (Essen Univ., Essen, Germany) – D. Papy-Garcia (Université Paris Est, Créteil, France) – J. van den Born, (Groningen Univ., Groningen, The Netherlands) – P. Nieto (Spanish National Research Council, Sevilla, Spain)

  • Technological and methodological approaches for GAG analysis

Confirmed speakers : T. van Kuppevelt (Radboud Univ, Nijmegen, Pays-bas) – S. Ricard-Blum (Université de Lyon I, Lyon, France) – D. Bonnaffé (ICMMO, Orsay, France) – F. Noborn (Gothenburg Univ., Gothenbur, Sweden)

  • GAGs : from bench to bedside

Confirmed speakers : P. Albanese (Université Paris Est, Créteil, France) – Yongmei Xu (South Carolina Univ., Chapel Hill, USA) – F. Chiapini (OTR3, Paris, France)

Registration are open (deadline 15/04) and all details can be found on: Atelier INSERM 256

II Joint Meeting of DGfl and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA) – 10-13 Sept. 2019 – München

II Joint Meeting of DGfl and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA)
10–13 September 2019, München

Please find below the invitation for the conference chairs (Angela Santori and Thomas Brocker) to attend the IInd Joint Meeting between DGfI and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA) that will take place in Munich in September 2019.

All the relevant information can be found on the website of the conference ( with the latest version of the preliminary program and flyer for your laboratory.

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the board members of the Italian Society for Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA) and the German Society for Immunology (DGfI), we are pleased to invite you to our joint annual meeting in Munich running from 10–13 September 2019. After a highly successful joint meeting of both societies in Riccione, Italy, in 2011 we are looking forward to seeing you in Munich, the heart of Bavaria, for our next joint meeting.

Munich is not only a popular tourist destination, but is also the home of two highly renowned German universities, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München and the Technische Universität München (TUM). In addition, the Max Planck Society, the Helmholtz Zentrum München and numerous biotech companies and start-ups make Munich a lively environment for basic and translational research in immunology. Scientists in Munich actively participate in a series of immunologically focused Collaborative Research Centres (CRCs) currently funded by the German Research Council (DFG). These include: CRC1054 “Plasticity of immune cell-fate decisions”, CRC914 “Trafficking of immune cells”, CRC1123 “Atherosclerosis”, CRC824 “Cancer therapies”, TR36 “T cell therapy”, TRR127 “Xenotranplantation”, TR128 “Multiple Sclerosis” and TRR179 ”Hepatitis-Virus-Infection”.

The Munich biotech cluster made up of approximately 250 companies, with two innovation and founding centers for biotechnology, demonstrate the important focus our city and region places on personalized medicine and immunotherapy.

The joint SIICA- and DGfI-meeting in 2019 will take place in the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz historic Hauptgebäude, or main building of the LMU, found in the center of Munich. This location is surrounded by historic buildings, beer gardens, the famous Englischer garten city park, as well as a vibrant city and university life, all well-connected by easily accessible public transportation.

The organizing committee will strive to bring together an interesting program covering current topics of basic and translational immunological research in plenary sessions, main symposia and workshops. We invite everyone to submit abstracts early in 2019 and to join us in Munich for this exciting meeting.
We are looking forward to welcome you all in this beautiful city.

Sincerely yours

Angela Santoni & Thomas Brocker
Conference chairs


XXVIème Congrès National de la SFBMEc – 15-17 Mai 2019 – Reims

La Société Française de Biologie de la Matrice Extracellulaire (SFBMEc) a pour but de favoriser les échanges d’informations et de contacts personnels entre chercheurs, d’aider la recherche scientifique et médicale et de contribuer à la formation des chercheurs dans le domaine de la matrice extracellulaire.

La SFBMEc organisera du 15 au 17 mai 2019 à Reims son XXVIème congrès national ( Différents sujets, centrés autour de la matrice extracellulaire, y seront abordés: cancer, pathologies liées au vieillissement vasculaire (avec la participation du Latinorum Investigatorum de Arteriis Colloqium, LIAC), dermocosmétologie (avec la participation du Centre Européen de Dermocosmétologie, CED) et biomatériaux (avec la participation du LIAC). Ils seront traités sous forme de conférences plénières (2 par session) données par des orateurs de renommée internationale en provenance d’Allemagne (Universités de Halle, Münster et Tübingen), de Belgique (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) et de France (Universités de Bordeaux et Reims Champagne-Ardenne, L’Oréal Recherche et Innovation). Chaque session sera complétée par de courtes communications orales et des communications par affiche.

La SFBMEc souhaite, au travers des thèmes abordés au cours de ce congrès, enrichir les interactions existant entre la recherche fondamentale, le monde médical et le monde industriel.

The aim of the Société Française de Biologie de la Matrice Extracellulaire (SFBMEc) is to promote exchanges between researchers, to help scientific and medical research and to contribute to the training of researchers in the field of the extracellular matrix.

The SFBMEc will organize from 15 to 17 May 2019 in Reims its XXVIth national meeting ( Different topics, focusing on the extracellular matrix, will be discussed: cancer, pathologies related to vascular aging (with participation of the Latin Society for Vascular Research, LIAC), dermocosmetology (with participation of the Centre Européen de Dermocosmétologie, CED) and biomaterials (with participation of LIAC). They will be treated as plenary lectures (2 per session) given by internationally renowned speakers from Germany (Universities of Halle, Münster and Tübingen), Belgium (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) and France (Universities of Bordeaux and Reims Champagne-Ardenne, L’Oréal “Research and Innovation”). Each session will be completed by short oral communications and poster presentations.

Through the topics addressed during this congress, the SFBMEc wants to enrich the interactions between basic research, the medical world and the industrial world.

[button link= » » icon= »download-alt » color= »#0858cf » size= »medium »] PDF[/button] Flyer XXVIème Congrès National de la SFBMEc

7th French Cell Adhesion Symposium – May 23-25 – Strasbourg, France

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 2018, 7th French Cell Adhesion Symposium that will take place in Strasbourg, May 23-25.
Last few days for online registration. No registration on site.

Among the topics to be covered at this meeting are:

  • Adhesion of circulating cells
  • Biophysics of cell adhesion
  • Probing adhesion forces
  • Cell adhesion in cancer
  • Cell adhesion in development
  • Cell biology of adhesion
  • Imaging cell adhesion

The program has been finalized:

We look forward to an exciting event in Strasbourg in 2018, and hope that you will all join us there!

The organizing committee

Registration for the Goodbye Flat Biology 2018 – Berlin, Germany (9-12 September)

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the Goodbye Flat Biology 2018 conference in September.
This is the 3rd Edition of a conference that brings together researchers who are interested in the techniques and applications of 3D culture at the cancer biology, engineering and drug development interface. There will be lots of exciting science with two exceptional bookends, an opening keynote by Hans Clevers ( and a closing keynote by Don Ingber (
This meeting has a reputation for outstanding science, international participation, and excellent opportunities for interaction and networking. Registration places are limited, so don’t miss out!
Key dates
Bursary application deadline:
15 June 2018
Abstract submission deadline:
15 June 2018
Registration deadline:
31 July 2018

Joint meeting of ScarCon and ETRS 2018

Dear colleagues,

We are proud to present our initiative for the joint meeting of ScarCon and ETRS 2018. This unique congress will highlight the most recent developments on fibrosis in the widest sense possible. However, we do need YOUR help to bring ScarCon ETRS 2018 to the attention of as many participants and sponsors as possible.

That is why we use a Nouncy. This means that we ask you to prepare a social media message for your own social media (Linkedin) account. You give permission to post this message when we activate the campaign. All ‘prepared’ messages are released on social media at once, which means that many people are reached at once. We would like to ask you to prepare a Nouncy message today or tomorrow with your own social media channels .

How can you help?

  1. Go to our campaign page:
  2. Click on the socials you have and with which you want to participate
  3. Type your own text in the indicated block
  4. Press the login button and confirm the post

All the Nouncy messages will be posted in one go at the same time on Thursday January 11, so please prepare your message before this date.  It will only take a few minutes to do so and you will help us tremendously in raising awareness of this important event!

Thank you very much for your help!


Best regards,
Esther Middelkoop,

On behalf of the organisers Scar Academy, European Tissue Repair Society, VU Medical Center Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery, Global Scar Society, Association of Dutch Burn Centers, Oscare.


P.s. Have you registered already? You will find all information about the congress on


7th French Cell Adhesion Club Symposium – 23-25 May 2018 – Strasbourg

The SBCF (French Society for Cell Biology) wishes to extend its invitation to its Annual Symposium to the members of the SFBMEc.

7th French Cell Adhesion Club Symposium
23rd – 25th May 2018

Please visit their gorgeous website where you will find all the useful information about the program, the registration process and how to submit an abstract to showcase your work.


The list of confirmed speakers at this time includes:

  • Leo CARLIN Glasgow, UK
  • Nils CORDES Dresden, Germany
  • Erik DANEN Leiden, Netherlands
  • Alba DIZ-MUNOZ Heidelberg, Germany
  • Sylvie DUFOUR Créteil, France
  • Christophe GUILLUY Grenoble, France
  • Johanna IVASKA Turku, Finland
  • Martine JANDROT-PERRUS Paris, France
  • Michel LABOUESSE Paris, France
  • Christophe LETERRIER Marseille, France
  • Guillaume MONTAGNAC Paris, France
  • Matthieu PIEL Paris, France
  • Erik SAHAI London, UK
  • Mignot TAM Marseille, France
  • Xavier TREPAT Barcelona, Spain
  • Frank WINKLER Heidelberg, Germany