PhD and Master positions available in the College of Biomedical Engineering (CBME) at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

The College of Biomedical Engineering (CBME) at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, currently will soon have some vacancies and fellowships for Masters and PhD candidates. Below is a taste of the sorts of project that students might become involved with:

  • Biocompatible electronics for implantable brain-machine interfaces and sensors
  • Understanding how the brain responds to sports collisions, i.e. heading a football
  • New materials for use in dentistry, ligament repair, knee replacement and orthopaedics
  • Nanomedicines, such as nanoparticle eyedrops, inhalable liposomes for lung cancer therapy and stealth liposomes for brain targeting
  • Tissue engineering of skin, cartilage, heart and others
  • Platelet and other extracellular vesicles in tissue repair and diseases.

TMU partners with major teaching hospitals, so clinical collaborations/translational medicine approaches are highly encouraged. There are also opportunities to patent, publish and commercialise significant new findings.

We are able to provide fellowships and subsidised university accommodation for outstanding students, and normal tuition fees and living costs are still very reasonable for those who are not eligible for assistance.

Taiwan is a modern, convenient and safe place to live. Taipei has outstanding and affordable public transport, great local and international food, lots to see and do, and serves as a great hub for visiting the rest of Asia. There is a very active and passionate scientific research community, a keen collaborative spirit, and high professional standards.

Application period is January 1st – February 28, 2019

Information how to apply can be found at:

Alternatively, students may contact with any questions: