6th FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to invite you to the 6th FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets (6th FEBS-MPST 2017), which follows the previous successful FEBS-MPST 2015, 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2007 meetings.

The Organizing Committee has put together an outstanding group of internationally recognized experts as invited speakers. The lectures and tutorials will provide you with an update of important new knowledge covering key areas of the field. Open slots for talks will include selected short talks and confirmed registered speakers as well. Flash presentations of selected posters will also be included.

In order to familiarize young scientists with the extracellular matrix field and to expand their basic knowledge, the 6th FEBS-MPST 2017 will begin with a series of tutorials to be followed by panel discussions on areas including: ECM overview and Proteoglycans, Glycosaminoglycans, Metalloproteinases, ECM receptors, and Collagens. Following the experience from previous FEBS-MPSTs, the Young Scientists’ Committee will organize additional mentoring activities including speakers’ corner and brainstorming events for experienced and young scientists. By these means, we hope to extend the environment for a superb science and warm collegiality.

The Organizing Committee has succeeded to offer Awards and Travel Grants to young scientists. More specifically, there will be four types of Awards/ Grants:

1)      A number of FEBS Youth Travel Funds (YTF) for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers within five years of obtaining a PhD will be available. These grants cover part of the registration fee/ accommodation for the selected young scientists and/or may also support part of their travel costs.

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2)      ISMB will fund 4 International Travel grants of €400 each to help young scientists participate in the FEBS-MPST2017. The travel grants are for PhD students and postdocs up to 5 years post PhD. Grants are for international travel only and will be awarded on the basis of scientific excellence and relevance to matrix biology. The awardees are members of the ISMB and have not recently received a travel grant funded by ISMB.

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3)      Young Investigator Awards will also be available upon application/selection procedure for graduates and fellows up to 5-years after their PhD. All abstracts with graduate students or postdoctoral fellows as first authors that not received a YTF are subject to scientific evaluation by selected members. The best 3 abstracts will receive the « FEBS-MPST2017 Young Investigator Award » at the end of the course. Each award will be financed with 200€.

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4)      FEBS J Poster Prizes. Two poster prizes (€200 each) will be sponsored by The FEBS Journal. For tips on designing and presenting a prize-winning poster, check out this July 2016 FEBS News piece entitled « What makes a good conference poster? » (page 9 in the PDF).

Please, visit the website of the 6th FEBS – MPST 2017 for further information concerning your participation (http://www.febs-mpst2017.upatras.gr/application-forms.html).


Note that the Deadline for Application is on February 28th, 2017!


The 6th FEBS – MPST 2017 will take place at the beautiful Island of Spetses at the historic Anargyrion and Korgialenion College. Spetses Island has a long tradition of academic tourism, every year it attracts a serious number of academic and research bodies/organizations.

The Organizers have booked rooms at the Anargyrion and Korgialenion College of Spetses (A.K.S.S.) and Spetses Hotel. Both have access to the sea. Please keep in mind that the available rooms are limited. More details about the accommodation and how you can organize your trip to Spetses Island (throw Athens International Airport) you can find at the website of the Conference. http://www.febs-mpst2017.upatras.gr/travel-accommodation.html

Please, do not hesitate to contact us (cpr@pat.forthnet.gr) for further information.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Greece.

Best Regards,

Loukia Simonoviki – Kordopati
Conference Secretariat

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