XXXIII LIAC Meeting, Multiple Aspects of Molecular Aging, Nov. 29th – Dec. 1st 2017, Bordeaux

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to attend this meeting on Vascular Aging. Populations are aging worldwide and the number of older adults is projected to double over the next few decades, and we are ill-equipped to handle the attendant health care burden. Vascular aging process appears as the principal determinants of the health of elderly people and the main risk factor for the development of cardio-neuro-vascular diseases, as well as cognitive impairment, retinal disease and many other organ failures. It is now time to gather the research community interested in addressing this complex question through a transdisciplinary approach.

The research complementarity of the VIVA Thematic Action of the University of Bordeaux and the LIAC community allow for the implementation of an international meeting that aims to gather high-level specialists that come from different disciplines (biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, cell and molecular biology, tissue engineering, physiopathology, epidemiology and clinic), to synthesize the most recent advance in vascular aging.

Moreover, we want to take advantage of this meeting to set up a winter school to offer to young scientists a unique opportunity to present their work, to meet, and exchange with top international scientists and clinicians in the field.

Presentations concerning all aspects of vascular aging are welcome.

Looking forward meeting you in Bordeaux.
Thierry Couffinhal & Alain-Pierre Gadeau

Flyer and poster are available for download.