Naba A, Clauser K.R, Ding H, Whittaker C.A, Carr S.A, and Hynes R.O. The Extracellular Matrix: Tools and Insights for the « Omics » Era. Matrix Biology, 2015, pii: S0945-053X(15)00121-3

Liens vers l’article (open access):

• The matrisome is defined as the ensemble of 1000 + genes encoding ECM and ECM-associated proteins.

• Bioinformatic and experimental approaches to study the ECM/matrisome are discussed.

• We introduce a novel website and database MatrisomeDB to centralize resources on the matrisome.

• We present a draft of an ECM atlas compiling proteomics data on the ECM of 14 different tissues and tumors.

• “Omics” data provide novel insights into ECM functions in development, homeostasis and disease.