Postdoctoral Position in computational biology/bioinformatic and HIV-­1, Cochin Institute, Paris

A 3 years postdoctoral fellowship funded by ANRS is available in the Host-­Virus Interactions team, headed by Clarisse Berlioz-­Torrent and Stéphane Emiliani at Cochin Institute, Paris.
The team works on the role of cellular factors involved in the regulation of HIV-­1 transcription, splicing and viral particles production. The project will combine high throughput sequencing approaches (RNA-­seq, ChIP-­seq, HITS-­CLIP), gene editing techniques, biochemistry and virology to decipher the role of Argonaute proteins and of the miRNA pathway in HIV-­1 replication cycle.
The position is for a talented and motivated computational biologist/bioinformatic scientist to establish bioinformatics pipelines and perform data analysis of NGS data generated in the laboratory. The applicants will have a PhD and are expected to have a strong background in common bioinformatics scripting and programming languages (R, Python) and in analyzing high throughput genomic data. Previous wet bench research experience is desirable but not required. The candidate will be able to communicate effectively with scientists from various backgrounds and will be motivated to work in an interdisciplinary team.
Please send a cover letter summarizing your past experience and research interests and a CV including the names and contact information of 2/3 references via email to Sarah Gallois-­Montbrun.

Description of the job position available here.